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Daniel Adetoye

Born in Nigeria, raised in the United Kingdom. Dualnationlity has played a large role in my upbringing, with the ability to adapt to cultural differences yet express influence.
I am Daniel Adetoye, a creative and an entrepreneur. My love for design stems from my two role models; my father and Jonathan Ive.
A major sentiment in my life includes sports and music. As a creative, I enjoy taking inspirations and samples from history, redesigning and adding my own creative take.
With ambitions of working with upcoming and established brands, I wish to continue contributing to innovative and sustainable designs.



The MediBox is a sustainable solution for transporting vaccinations. The material choice contributes to a ‘premium’ aesthetic compared to existing products in the market.
The MediBox is an innovative product that assists medical use.
At the end of use, the MediBox is simple to take apart, once unscrewed, the aluminium profile can slide apart. Each component could then be reused or recycled.


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