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Daniel Pouncey

Environmental design is the biggest inspiration for my work. I have always been fascinated by how everything we do in life is shaped by design, and how small choices we make can cause great change. Now, my focus is on using intriguing and innovative solutions to replace the negative impact we have on the Earth with a positive one, one small change at a time. I believe that by drawing inspiration from the systems found in nature, we can design for the benefit of both the planet as well as the user.



Kinn is an anthropomorphic family of table lamps looking to add light and fun to any space. The metal shades house a bright LED light that can be rotated and angled, giving the lamps an incredible sense of personality. Made from sustainably sourced cork and steel, the lamp encourages a connection between itself and its owner in direct contrast to the mentality of our throwaway society. The smallest of the 3 lamps also doubles up as a removable torch, great for use in emergencies or just finding your way about the house in the middle of the night. The entire product is designed in a way that makes it easy to replace faulty components, rather than the whole lamp, which in addition to the personal touch of the design, aims to keep these materials in circulation for as long as possible.



Kassi is a modular shelving system, designed to create adaptable storage and display space using an interesting tessellating pattern. The individual crates come in 2 variants: ash or plywood, depending on the consumer's preferred aesthetic, and both variants are available in a range of colours. The idea behind Kassi is to allow consumers to create their own storage space that suits their needs and can be altered and added to as those needs change. The striking, angled design makes the crates a standout feature in any room and can create many different formations, both wall-mounted or as a floor unit. With this system, it is easy for units, or individual parts to be switched out to create new aesthetics when desired, or to occupy a new space when needed.

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