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Dhanisha Parmar

I am a Leicester-born designer inspired by minimal and contemporary design. I am a big believer in sustainability and therefore my products and brands will be based around sustainability, contributing to helping the environment. My aspiration is to become a design consultant where I am able to work by myself, alongside a team which is what I enjoy.

Adjustable Desk


An adjustable standing/sitting desk targeted to help those working from home improve their sedentary lifestyle. The desk has been designed with a two-tiered feature made from ash to allow more space for the user to work. The legs of the desk are made from galvanised steel in which an electronic wire runs through to allow the user to adjust the height via a button on the desk.



s(C)ent is a gift product containing wax melts alongside a wax burner. The gift is made unique through the whole experience of opening it and making the user feel happy and excited. Alongside this, the wax melts are used to help with well- being through its scents to help those feeling lonely, especially during the pandemic. The consumer of this product was chosen to be Gen Y, due to research showing they were the most appropriate in terms of income and trends.

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