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Duong Nguyen

Inspired by the culture and tradition of Vietnam – my home country, I strive for designs that are the blend of the values of Vietnamese society and the contemporary look. My goal is to create simplistically beautiful and functional designs, yet with well-thought details and features to achieve strong connections with users. I develop a strong interest in user-centred design and value the iterative design process to evolve an idea into a viable piece of furniture.



Houses are getting smaller and how we are using spaces in our home is changing drastically. Our home is no longer just a living space but also a working office in this current climate. Multi-functional furniture is getting more appreciated to support our needs of diverse activities in both living and working environment.
Caia is a console table accompanied with a high desk and two small drawer cabinets to improve their overall functionality. Caia features a simplistic design complemented with intriguing leg joints which encourage users to experiment with its arrangement. The high desk can be positioned next to the console table for additional display, storage and working surfaces. Where the living space is limited, the high desk can be neatly placed over the table.
Users have freedom to arrange the three pieces of Caia, according to their needs. The console table and high desk can be arranged to serve as sitting and standing space that is suitable for light working scenarios.
No longer a piece of furniture for display and storage, users enjoy its versatility and develop strong connections with them and incorporate them to their daily usage – either as a home or work office.



Inspired by busy streets and vibrant markets in Vietnam, Cung captures the dynamic vibe of this country through a composition of asymmetrical and imbalanced form and a combination of different materials. Cung comprises three tiers, each of which has different dimensions. Their random-looking organisation suits various objects, which enables various types of space usage to satisfy different needs.

Another highlight of Cung is the mixing of bamboo and patinated copper strips weaved on the dividers. If bamboo brings the feeling of primitiveness that is still seen in the countryside, copper reflects the industrialisation and urbanisation that are spreading in many parts of Vietnam. Like the strips weaved on the frame, these two living styles entwine in many ways within Vietnamese society.

The versatility of Cung makes it suitable for many home spaces and scenarios. Its complex simplicity encourages users to experiment with how to use the spaces it provides. Users are given freedom to vary how they store, display and organise their possessions to refresh their living space, without worrying about creating untidiness and feeling anxious. The beauty of Cung is its inherent random look completely absorbs the clutter created by other objects and eventually creates chaotic yet calm feeling.

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