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Ella Freeman

I am a hardworking, creative, and passionate designer with an eye for detail. I enjoy creating products that have a minimal, clean, and contemporary aesthetic. I have a particular interest in designing to improve personal wellbeing, and enjoy developing products that enhance our environment and living spaces through thoughtful and carefully considered design that has real-life impact.



17% of adults reported feeling stressed about their mental health in 2018, rising to 28% of 16–24-year-olds. Research shows this demographic is at a significantly higher risk of being affected by mental health conditions, particularly stress and anxiety. Covid-19 has exacerbated the problem, with the pandemic causing a new set of mental strains, leading to mental wellness app usage rising by 2 million in April 2020. Mindside was designed to reduce this increased level of stress and anxiety in young adults aged 18-24.

Mindside is a set of unique tactile and sensory experience tools designed for the home, offering a holistic approach to targeting and reducing stress and anxiety through practicing mindfulness as part of a daily routine. The product range includes a small light that produces a soft, warm glow for enhanced relaxation, a tactile speaker for use alongside the supporting app, allowing for soothing sounds to be played through the audio library, and a handheld textured object for holding whilst practicing mindfulness. The wellness & mindfulness app works alongside the physical objects, guiding the user through how to use tactile object, light and speaker. All items sit on a wireless charging pad with an integrated phone rest.



Covid-19 and remote working have magnified the need for a home that proactively impacts personal wellbeing, improving quality of life. Lumi aims to challenge the user to reconsider the importance the home has on physical and mental wellbeing, and the role it plays in maintaining productivity and happiness when working and living in the same space. Lumi provides a sense of balance in a post-Covid world when working at home for extended periods of time, reducing the feeling of isolation through bringing the outside in, encouraging a reconnection with nature. Lumi is designed with sustainability at heart, using sustainable oak frames, and 100% recycled plastic.

The products combine circadian lighting and a unique, integrated 360° planting system, designed to improve the home environment of remote workers aged 21-34, making it more personal, and comfortable. Lumi offers impactful lighting solutions to work with the user’s daily routine through the accompanying app, allowing the user to set their desired wake up and sleep times. Lumi ensures the highest potential of productivity, motivation, whilst aiding sleep cycle regulation through promoting melatonin production. The hanging planter improves happiness and emotional wellbeing whilst reducing stress levels, encouraging a more overall positive outlook on life.

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