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Emily Smith

Ever since I was little I've always had a passion for anything creative. I love fixings things and finding out how they work. I think this is why I really enjoyed the creative subjects at school and chose to study product design at Trent. Throughout the course I've had a passion for larger, more furniture based, products which is reflected in both of my final projects. I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed every project along my course and learnt many skills. As a designer I'd really like to progress into interior and furniture design as a career as these are areas that I’m particularly interested in.

The Complete Seat


The Complete Seat is multipurpose seat designed to provide a place to sit whilst also giving the user the option to perform a full body workout. I designed this during the Coronavirus pandemic when gyms weren't accessible and people were finding solutions to still work out. The Complete Seat is ideal for a home environment as when it isn't being used for a workout it is a great place to sit or rest your legs. With the option of a soft or hard top for whatever the user requires from it which cleverly interlock. Also, The Complete Seat provides the user with ample storage inside with two removable trays and three storage sections. There is also a bespoke weight which slots neatly into the smallest tray. Overall, this is a great product for people who like to workout but also require a space-conscious solution. This Complete Seat remains practical even now gyms have reopened as an at home option if the user desires.

The Snug


The Snug promotes relaxation for people at home. As an aid for those who suffer from anxiety, of varying degree, The Snug offers a series of features which aim to reduce the user’s anxiety through comfort and privacy. A fixed recline ensures the user sinks into the chair and takes any weight off their feet. With a wider seat than normal; The Snug allows the user to curl their legs into the chair to a place they find comfortable. Should the user want to feel a bit more secluded they can adjust the overhead hood to their liking. The semi-transparent fabric allows calming light in, much like babies experience in the womb, to help relax the user. The felt and cushion lined interior offers a soft seat for the user combined with a side profile which 'hides' their form from view. These minimal features give The Snug a soft aesthetic which supports the promotion of relaxation.

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