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Emily Woodhams

I consider myself as a highly motivated and conscientious designer, with a flare for graphic design and user experience. I have focused on solving real world problems, through the use of brand experience and visual identity. Whether this be in 3D or 2D form, it’s highlighted my ability to apply a brand to different media’s, including apps, products or even buildings, to create successful services.

Coastal Companion


Coastal Companion is an inclusive app designed for the public, specifically families, to aid planning and preparing for the perfect UK based coastal holiday. It is a platform that uses a filtration and swiping system using chosen holiday specifications, to match the most suitable destination for the user. It provides the public with amenities, weather and tidal information all on a singular platform, bringing all the information together in one place. Coastal Companion was designed taking into account travel restrictions for the UK, and additionally the uncertainty the public now have for future travel due to the impacts of COVID19.

The Calm Club


The Calm Club is a service that is promoted as a university collaboration scheme which encourages subtle relaxation, through drinking herbal tea to form habitual evening routines for students. Alongside this, it promotes a sense of community and interaction between the brand, the universities, and their students, all with the aim of promoting better well-being through brand experience. Due to being an entire service, brand experience over a range of different media's was considered, including on an app, postal product and a cafe, to ensure the brand is completely exposed to new and existing customers. The Calm Club encourages experimentation and personalisation for students on the app, whereby they can choose a fruit, alongside a herb, to combine to create their own 'Calm Club combo'. Students then order their herbal tea straight to their university house, to use consistently every evening, to create association with a night time routine. Not only this but universities can also implement The Calm Club cafe on campus, encouraging relaxation but in a social manner, before or after university lectures and seminars, to create a consistent sense of community, day and night.

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