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Euan Buchanan

I am a product design student with experience in the design consultancy and manufacturing industry. I have a broad range of interests within design, but the projects I have worked on during my final year of university highlight my keen interest in sustainability, and particularly design around nature.

Relief Flooring


Relief is an expandable flooring system designed to be used within refugee shelters in countries such as Greece, where thousands of asylum seekers are held in makeshift camps with extremely poor living conditions. Utilising recycled shipping pallets, the flooring provides those living within these shelters with raised protection from the cold, damp ground, with integrated insulation providing an additional level of comfort all year-round. The entire product assembly is also designed to be affordable and easily deployable at a local level.



GroWall is a wall mounted herb garden manufactured predominately using aluminium extrusion. Designed to be mounted within the kitchen, the focus of the product was on providing a functional means of growing fresh herbs within an urbanised environment, while ensuring the product had a sleek, modern design aesthetic. The product includes several planters mounted onto a rear wall bracket, and plastic plant pots that sit within the aluminium assembly that can be easily removed for plant maintenance and access.

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