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Freya Dumbell

I am a practical designer who enjoys the making process of furniture, with a high attention to detail. Placement opportunities with Jan Hendzel and Matthew Burt have enabled me to gain a multitude of skills and an appreciation for high-quality, bespoke furniture.

Drawing inspiration from my recent experience within children’s early years nurseries, I take pride in designing and making products that will aid the learning and development capabilities of children, with an aim to inspire young minds.



Revolve is a storage solution that allows the user to distinguish between work and home life. Made with solid ash and complimented with grey felt accessories.

With a rise in the number of people working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Revolve allows the user to store away their work equipment and to make the switch from their working mentality to their home life, promoting relaxation after work.

Revolve is a double-sided storage unit that offers a variation of storage solutions for work equipment, including drawers, an inbox tray and a felt hanging system. The unit promotes users to store their work items away to prevent it from cluttering the home environment. The process of rotating the unit 180 degrees signifies the end of the working day, revealing the ‘home side’, which stores personal items to help the user relax and distinguish between work and home life.

Little Feet Furniture - LFF1


LFF1 features a mobile welly storage compartment and a coat hanging unit, designed for use in children's nurseries. Made with Formica faced birch plywood the duo are waterproof and wipeable.

The two products complement one another creating a versatile storage solution for outdoor wear in early years environments. The product encourages children to become responsible and independent and gives them the freedom to be able to hang up their belongings, get ready to play outside and to store items when they are wet and muddy.

The base boasts an abundance of space for children to sit on to put on their wellies or shoes, whilst offering a storage space for when they are not in use. This flexible space can also be used as a surface for play and is only limited by a child’s imagination. The arch offers more spaces for shoes, a large blackboard, and colourful hooks for each child, promoting their desire to be responsible and to look after their own items.

Additional storage is available to teachers only. This creates a safe space that children cannot gain reach, allowing teachers to store items such as first aid kits and other items that children should not be able to access.

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