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Gabriella Jones

I am an adaptable designer who enjoys tackling the challenges each new project entails. Through my course I’ve had the opportunity to delve into a wide variety of briefs, allowing me to explore interests including user-centred and sustainable design. I believe products should be enjoyable to use and emotionally durable, making users want to keep them for longer, and have strived to achieve this in my work through detailed research and ideation.



VI-GUARD is an adjustable face shield designed to address the lack of female-specific PPE currently available. Comprised of modular elements and built by the user to their preferences, the product aims to offer female healthcare workers a better-fitting PPE solution, enabling them to carry out their essential work safely and without discomfort. The product includes a replaceable shield, which the user can attach at their preferred height in order to reduce hindrance, and recyclable 3D printed hooks which enable full adjustment of a wide elastic strap. This strap increases comfort and security by spreading pressure over a wider area and can be replaced or washed as needed.

Handy Helpers


Handy Helpers are a trio of aluminium hooks made via extrusion. These colourful hooks offer generation rent a sustainable, versatile and non-permanent organisational homeware solution, aiming to combat current ‘fast-furniture’ trends. Small cork pads enable them to be securely slotted onto flat surfaces such as shelves and used to hold and organise household items, clothing or jewellery. A hole at the back also allows users to attach them to walls via a screw. Through designing to incorporate sustainable materials, ease of disassembly, and emotional durability, this product also offers desirable environmental benefits.

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