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Gavin Hogg

I am Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University. Born in Sydney but raised in the UK, my passion for design was first ignited as a young child when I was intrigued by the Natural Order of the world and how all design can be tied back to this. As a consequence all my designs are heavily influenced by what I can see with my own eyes.

Geae Project


The Geae Project named after the Greek goddess of earth, is a collection of carefully optimised rammed earth products, designed for the outdoors. Each piece is designed to break down over the course of decades into its natural components and release the seeds contained within. Inside is a capped sculpted rock Bench, a low lying architectural Table and a Firepit that doubles as a hotplate.

Little Sprout Grow Kit


The Little Sprout Grow kit is child friendly it’s cheapness, ease of manufacture and low barrier to entry make it the ideal product keeping children entertained. Made from a treated card no water leaks and the Little Sprout comes with a set of paints and brush to allow for personalisation. It comes with further services of online tutorials which give users advice and ideas as what to do next.

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