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George Fryett

I am a product design engineer who has a strong interest in technology and medical design. My main goal is to design innovative and sustainable products that will benefit society. In the future I would like to develop my skills further within the medical field of design.



LATTIBRACE is a 3D printed bespoke spinal brace for patients recovering from spinal related injuries. When compared to traditional methods (plaster casting), LATTIBRACE has lower lead times and cost by utilising 3D printing/scanning technology. The design incorporates a lattice structure to increase the strength to weight ratio, whilst making the brace more ‘breathable’ for the patient.



VERTIFARM was designed to help improve urban gardening in high-rise flats. Vertical farming is becoming a common process in agriculture, however this is primarily done on a commercial scale requiring large sites. VERTIFARM aims to scale down this process into a compact design to enable residents to grow crops all year round from their balcony.

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