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Gian-Luca Vianello

I am a furniture and product designer at Nottingham Trent University. Growing up i was always fascinated by the world around me and wanted to take my passion for making a better world and improve the lives of other by making sustainable and well thought out products.



Salute is a wooden outdoors socialising product, made from wood to help create a feeling of connection with nature. The aim of this product is to help people who normally struggle to create deep meaningful relationships with other people open up easier ( mainly aimed at men as research show they struggle more with this aspect of life) . Salute is made up of 4 parts, the main part is a checkers board, this part was included to allow people to have a healthy sense of competitiveness and also allow for respect to be formed between the users. The second part is a torch/talking stick, a native American idea of allowing people to speak about a topic that allows for a civilised discussion to take place and a mutual understanding to be achieved. The third part of the product is the rolling tray a hidden box for make a smoke and allowing the users to chill out and open up in a more informal manner. Finally the calving tool, designed to calve down whatever you want that will help you reminisce on the memorable day you spend outdoors with a friend.



Meliora is a modular shelving unit created from reclaimed plywood and recycled plastic. The inspiration for this project came from the vast number of furniture that is dumped in landfill each year exasperated by the growing trend of cheap throw away furniture.

There is four factors that all played a part when designing this project, sustainability, modularity, social impact and Italian design and cultural influence. Each factor was put into a hierarchy before starting the design process and constantly referred back to when making decisions. The outcome of this project is a product that is designed to grow with the user, allowing them to mix and match different colours and materials, with the ability to add as many new units as you wish this product can fulfil any storage need.

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