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HoiTung Tsoi

Design has always been my passion since I was young, starting off from doodling as a child and leading to an interest towards architecture as I grew up. As my interests grows into appreciating every little things around our daily lives, it guide me to be involved in creating products that are interesting and desirable. My area of focus in design surrounds the idea of simplicity in aesthetic and functional design, I enjoy every part of the design process and I am most amused in the process of bringing ideas to reality.

Chop. S


Chop. S combines the process of browsing recipe with chopping boards, which is one of the kitchen essentials to allow users to scroll through steps and follow recipe instructions, without having the stress of messy kitchen and recipe books while handling food ingredients.

Chop. S uses a projected interactive display through the projector bar, and could be place on the side of the chopping board while chopping foods. The projector bar can also be used on tabletops even when a chopping board doesn’t need to be used in certain dishes. The product included three chopping boards each for different usage. With the use of shades from dark to light to differentiate board for meat, vegetable and fruits.

The chopping board can be stored on the chopping board stand when not in used, and the projector bar can be placed on the side, and charged to prepare for when it needed.

The product uses bamboo as the main material, making the board to be easy to clean, durable, and lightweight. Most importantly, it is sustainable, and resistance to bacteria, allowing the food to stay safe and clean to be consumed.

CloseBox Collection


The CloseBox Collection is a luggage range that includes a large, medium and a cabin suitcase, in addition with a luggage bag that could be carried on hand as a duffel bag or as a backpack. Considering how space consuming the suitcase are in the market, the suitcases in the collection are designed to be able to fold away when the products are not in used, so they could be stored in smaller spaces such as under bed cabinets and within wardrobes. The suitcases incorporate both hard and soft materials, which are recycled polycarbonate and ballistic nylon fabric, making the folding process possible and easy to handle.

The luggage bag that comes along with the suitcases is designed to provide security for personal belongings on plane such as items like phones and passport, also allowing items to be packed more organised with the use of sections of the main, front and back pockets, providing more rooms for different items to avoid pulling everything out in the backpack at once.

The design leans towards simplicity in aesthetic, however the form of the product follows the functionality of the idea of a collapsible product.

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