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Hugh Gordon

I am an experimental designer, who enjoys trying new methods to make objects. Whether that be wrestling with new materials or combining different artistic mediums in the quest to create something new and a little odd.



Ending his design education as it started, Hugh Gordon uses graphics and illustrations in his final major project in an attempt to tell a story. The sideboard was given a traditional look and played the part of a frame for the illustrations, the doors of the piece, each with their own track, were interchangeable to allow the story to rewrite itself. Each door is designed to work with the door next to it.



Through a great deal of testing materials, this project crossed paths with expanding foam and became a collaborative project with the material. The organic, uncontrollable nature of the material, allowed for interesting and unpredictable outcomes. The design then focused on making a mould that the polyurethane would be poured into and almost tricked it into creating an item of furniture.

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