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Jack Buttling

I am a hands on practical designer and maker. My most unique and considered designs come through one to one prototyping and developing my work through testing, I thrive in the workshop environment and through this practical approach I consider the most minor of details and always aim for the highest quality finish. I pride myself on hard work and dedication to every project.



HUDL is a multifunctional seating solution designed for multi-purpose spaces within a hostel or boutique hotel environment. HUDL is made up of four floor seated chairs and a low table, when in this formation HUDL can be used for socialising and relaxing as a group. If the space is required for other activities HUDL re-assembles and can be used as a bench and moved around the room. The chairs can be positioned on the table in multiple orientations to suit the users and provide either a private or intimate seating area. Designed for longevity, HUDL is made from solid ash and cushioned with a cork seat. Subtle angles follow through both elements of the design.



UNRAVEL is a self contained product designed to escape the pressures of daily life. It is a multifunctional device that stores a bottle of wine and opener, two tumblers and a pack of cards. UNRAVEL uses a simple tambour door system which unfolds into a small table specially designed for soft or uneven surfaces. The process of unravelling the product should encourage the users to unwind and interact together. Made from warm English oak, custom made stainless steel parts and soft tan leather - UNRAVEL is a high quality product designed to age and share the stories of the users.

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