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Jack Deighton

I am very interested in Japanese joinery and how their intricate detials have inspired my work. I also have strong CAD skills that were enhanced while on placement at design agency Spiral Product Design.



Sukafu means 'scarf' in Japanese. This project has explored Japanese joinery and woodworking techniques that can be applied to knock down furniture. This project focuses on an intricate joint that is inspired by Japanese woodworking for mass/batch production, at a more affordable price compared to the handcrafted element of traditional Japanese joinery. The focus of this project was to develop a loved Japanese joint called 'The Scarf Joint' and evolve it into a piece of modular shelving, which could later be turned into a range of occasional furniture.

Gin Bar


This project was a live brief in which I was actively talking to my client. We would discuss design ideas and changes which resulted in a gin bar cabinet that has a rustic aesthetic. In addition, the use of recycled materials, in this case using pallet wood created a very stylish tambour door. Once open it displays the liquor in a very stylish manner and when closed it is discrete and elegant.

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