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James Hamilton

I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual, determined to excel in anything I do. As a practical, hands-on designer and problem solver, I believe empathising with the user within the context of real-world issues is essential in producing successful products. Having grown up in a rural environment, sustainability often acts as an underlying narrative for my work.

A passion for the built environment and in particular the challenge of small spaces, fuels my chosen career path within the design world. Aside from this, I am a keen sportsman with interests in cricket and fitness.



As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the future of work set to be shifting towards a more hybrid approach, there is an ever-increasing need for a dedicated home office space for much of the UK's working population.

The novelty of working from the kitchen table or out of a spare bedroom has undoubtedly worn off. The new homeworker demographic is therefore seeking a separate and permanent space to give a clear distinction between home and working life. Many people, therefore, have considered a garden office but are often thwarted by the substantial investment of sums in excess of £12,000.

contrast. provides a high-end yet affordable alternative (fully insulated and furnished at £9,995) to existing garden office solutions whilst maintaining a healthy business model. Inspired by old versus new architecture, the unique aesthetic is ergonomically considered, utilises a modular building system and integrates reclaimed materials wherever possible. The interior also provides a totally flexible working environment through the carefully designed furniture which is totally optimised for remote working.


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