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Jean-Emmanuel Kayij

Hi, my name is Jean Kayij and I am a final year BA Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University looking to dive into the product design industry after graduating. My passions fall in sports, so I am fond of sporting designs and I am well versed in utilizing Adobe creative cloud softwares to create designs and compile cinematic footage for my creative directing experiences. A key part of me wanting to further my experience in product design outside of university is that I love to draw and sketch naturally so I look to further develop this skill when I get into the industry.



Motivated by the drastic impact of the coronavirus, it led to the creation of 'Eletize’, a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser geared to reinforce primary school children to improve their sanitary etiquette, using instant gratification in a beneficial way where the children get audio feedback that congratulates them when they sanitize their hands, giving them an instant accomplishment. Eletize also brings an element of relatability to the primary school children as they will be very familiar with an Elephant which acts as the essence of the whole product, realizing that the children may have come across animal-looking toys at some point in their early years growing up. Easy-to-read instructions and illustrations can be found at the front of the product which makes it easy to use for the children, along with an engaging colourway that brings a fun and eye-catching element to the product.

speedscope seven


Inspired by personal passions, ‘football heritage’ and the positive impact of the ‘FIFA innovation program’, the aim of 'Speedscope Seven' is to improve the quality of immersive performance primarily in non-league English football leagues and eventually across multiple sports. This highspeed camera is capable of monitoring sharp movements and immersive action during the football match, through capturing panoramic and tilted footage up to 100 frames per second slow-motion footage, showcasing the footballing talent in non-league English football leagues. This plays an incentive to promote football players and football teams who may not get the recognition and increases the probability of non-league teams building revenue through footage playback/analysis and streaming views in the long run. Notably, this high-tech device is made to be accessible to all levels of football with it being flexible in its contemporary form, permitting different handles to be able to attach to it to be marked in different key areas of the pitch. The importance of the Speedscope Seven is that it improves the standards of the non-league teams, as it not only benefits players but also, coaches, analysts, and sports scientists allowing for further analysis of the game with Speedscope's slow-motion tracking of players. This product closes the large gap between the English Football Premier League and the amateur or semi-pro leagues, empowering more competitive play.

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