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Jennifer Dinsdale

As a designer, I place high importance on the emotional and mental responses the user feels when interacting with a product. I like to explore how materials, textures and colours can evoke certain moods and potentially help a person in need. With an artistic and video production background, I have an appreciation for products that tell a story, particularly in the homeware and well-being market.

Kin กิน


Kin was a narrative project where I explored my Thai heritage and the customary way of communal dining. The five serving dishes were designed around the Thai dishes I grew up eating and together they make up a traditional feast you share with a group of people. The material choices and traditional pattern art known as Lai Tai, were influenced by my family province of Ayutthaya, which is historically known for being the old capitol city before Bangkok. When I look at Kin, I think of my grandparent’s traditional Teak house on stilts surrounded by banana trees, the terracotta pottery in the markets and the old temples ornately decorated – but I also see my Western identity in the mix through the contemporary style, and my continuing journey of self-discovery.



Moment is a well-being product for young adult men who have taken up the practice of mindfulness meditation. It focuses on mindfulness through action via grinding a powdered face mask into a paste with a pestel and mortar. The surfaces of each product has two embossed circles symbolising the in and out breath, to be used as a tactile guide for meditation and help to bring awareness.

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