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Jennifer Tooke

I am a creative multi-disciplined designer with a passion to make the world a better place through innovative solutions. I have an interest in consumer research to create a seamless user experience as well as branding my products. Throughout my journey at NTU I have enjoyed creating pet products, working with more than one user has been challenging, but rewarding.



Aurora Running Indicators allow runners to feel safe in the dark. They are non-verbal communication devices working primarily through lights to make other aware of who they are and where they are going. Like car indicators they provide vital information of directions to reduce the risk of injuries. 6.8 million people run in the UK with the number one problem being traffic, therefore a device like this is beneficial. The device works through an app which allows the user to select their light colour and if they want to connect with others for group running sessions. The group session option in addition to visibility, helps with directions between other group members.



Doodah is an interchangeable dog toy welcoming the idea of sustainability within the pet industry. It allows freedom to personalise the toy to suit each dog, as each set of five comes with two tugs, two chews and a fetch attachment. All of which are within the dog’s colour spectrum, for the ultimate play time experience between dog and owner. It was reported that average sized dog has twice the carbon footprint of an SUV, the circular system of returning and recycling helps combat this, whilst still having a functional dog toy.

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