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Jenny Grace

Hello, I’m Jenny! Creative and colourful. I have experience in working as a materials and manufacturing research intern for the athleisure brand, Deuce Sports. The research element of a project is something I pride myself in, recognising and ensuring that it scaffolds any project I complete, giving the final design purpose and pragmatism. I am excited to take my enthusiastic interest in colour, style, functionality, and ethical principles into the working world to design unique and joyful products.



“Where on earth have those dog footprints come from?” – a boring adult.
Ambles are designed to inspire children between the ages of 2 and 8 to get out in the great outdoors, in the city or countryside, in mud, sand, or snow! Encouraging a generation of people to love the outdoors so much they grow up protecting it. There are six animal character boot options. A pig, a cow, a horse, a sheep, a dog, and a duck. Each boot embodies the chosen animals track print, resulting in realistic footprints in the ground when worn. Farmyard animals are a universally recognised collection of animals from a young age, appealing to all genders. Ambles encourage children to participate in imaginative play and embody their chosen character, embracing and pushing children’s creativity. Children choose the colour of the print and the boot body independently out of the seven brand colours, mix and matching the colours for left and right boots if they wish. ‘The Pocket Book of Ambles Animal Tracks’ intended to be taken out on walks with the consumer, accompanies and compliments the boots and their objective.



Our social media is formed from what we interact with most and choose to follow, subconsciously setting up our online world to be specifically designed and comfortable for us to be in. Evolve is an app aimed to open people’s minds, opportunities, and perspectives. The app challenges users to connect with those they usually would not in everyday life and try new hobbies, activities, and develop awareness of alternative points of view. The user answers a series of questions under categories they choose to participate in, allowing the app to tailor the articles, challenges and connections provided. The user can set themselves challenges, participate in live debates, keep a diary of observations and progressions made over time, and rate usefulness of articles provided. Expand, Evolve, Embrace!

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