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Josh Westwood

My projects are inspired by problems I encounter on a daily basis. From finding ways to improve my love of cooking to designing new ways I can be faster when kayaking. Being closely connected to nature when kayaking has encouraged a sustainably thinking mindset when designing each project. A favourite past project was a floating water-based bin that would drift through waterways collecting discarded rubbish whilst pumping the water back out.



'Fresh food, stored how it should be'

The increase in food waste is a growing problem around the world, with the UK’s food waste estimated at £19 billion a year. FRESHBOX is the ‘Counter top Crisper’ that aims to extend student fridge space and further the lifespan of fresh produce. Aiming to tackle the increasing amount of Global food waste and the limited storage in student kitchens, FRESHBOX offers an extra cool space for fresh food such as spinach, broccoli and peppers to stay crisp as their optimum humidity’s, rather than food having to be thrown away too early. FRESHBOX comes with a Plug-in cooling port, Removable Bottom, Sealable Lid and Internal Shelves to separate fresh produce.

GRIPPA Kayaking Footwear


'Not a lot but just enough'
Designing a reason to wear Kayaking Footwear

Flatwater Kayaking tackles both kayaking and running elements throughout races, with athletes encountering mixed terrain such as slippy mud and rocks throughout. However, the majority of athletes wear nothing on their feet, this is because of the limited amount of kayaking footwear available that isn't too bulky or heavy. GRIPPA offers a minimal approach to kayaking footwear, keeping the kayaker both connected to the boat and supported when running. GRIPPA footwear promotes 'Natural Running' principles by providing just enough material to protect to foot, but not a lot. The front foot focused design aims to reduce the chance of heel striking, encouraging the user to run on their toes.

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