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Joshua Wright

My passion for design comes from solving real world problems, understanding the user and innovating within a brief. My process is focused on research, prototyping and design for manufacture. All of which has been an integral part of my development as a designer this year.



Zest is a smart diet intake monitoring device for the kitchen that uses AI technology to identify an item of food presented in front of it speeding up the process of logging food consumption. The product is aimed at tackling the obesity crisis by engaging people over the age of 50+ in what they eat. Alongside logging food, it can be used as a cooking assistant helping you choose healthy recipes, providing support and guidance whilst cooking and following a recipe.
The overall design is compact to fit into the modern kitchen taking up minimal precious worktop space. Zest has a humanistic form creating a very approachable friendly design which really engages the user in the product and recording what they eat.
Alongside Zest there is also an app which provides insights about what you eat. This app also is used as a platform to monitor you mental through a morning check in. The user can also sync their smart watch to the device so the app can understand their activity, stress levels and sleep to truly understand the user. This information is collated together to suggest subtle changes to your lifestyle to improve your health.

Chilli Fingers


Chilli Fingers is a set of finger resistance devices designed to help and encourage climbers to warm up their fingers before a climbing session. They can be stretched and squeezed working both your flexors and extensor muscles in your fingers and hands. They come in 3 levels of intensity easy in green, medium in orange and hard in red this allows for a climber to gradually warmup and activating the muscles in their fingers for climbing.
A key part of the development of this project was material testing with the user. The chillies are made from 3 different types of silicone which were developed and refined to create the optimal gradual progression in intensity.
As part of the set a booklet is provided, taking the user through a step-by-step process to warm up before a climbing session. Alongside exercises with the device there are also hand and finger stretching exercises to help the muscle activation process.
The Chilli Fingers provides a comprehensive kit to warm up and prevent finger injuries so climbers can spend less time injured and more time climbing.

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