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Juhyeon Park

I am a passionate furniture designer with an interest in woodworking and creating ideas. I like challenge that make me developing/creating ideas in new ways. Being from South Korea and studying lived in the UK has given me more cultural experience and a wider range of influences. My personal philosophy is to design furniture pieces that are a work of art that people would enjoy putting in their spaces.



When was the last time you and your family sat down together around a dining table and enjoyed the meal? The dining table has long been one of the most important furniture of the home, but modern busy lifestyles is now finding it harder to have family dinners together. WELCOMING is designed to offer the space, and bring your family together to enjoy the meal, where they can share foods and talk about their days activities.

WELCOMING is an attractive table addition to the dining area. The design of the legs on the table is inspired by traditional Korean patterns, 'Dancheong design'. Leg design is also made from layers of wood placed between translucent paper, Korean Hanji paper. It would be unique that different designs seen through the translucent paper and shadows and silhouettes of designs reflected on paper.



SAI is a mirror and hanger unit that is a great piece to stylishly display clothing and belongings. It can be use as a room divider for small spaces. The frame and shelves can be easily placed wherever the user desires on the divider, making it very customisable. Designed to improve user functionality and organisation in the room.

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