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Kane Osborne

A passionate designer with particular interests in music and upcoming technologies.



Out of the 2 billion people in the world turning to gaming for entertainment, 180 million of these show signs of gaming over use. With gaming addiction on the rise especially during COVID-19, a new, outside the box approch was needed to help combat this. enter, GameSafe. This product uses a combination of different behavioural change models to try to help reduce excessive gaming, and the negative side effects which come with it.

Class Stand


Guitars are much more than just musical instruments, they are a statement. Not only the guitar itself, but the guitar pedals that come with it too. Many guitar pedals come with spectacular works of art which can become tarnished as they are secured to a guitar pedal stand. Class stand looks to secure these pedals to their stand not only in a way which wont tarnish aesthetics, but in a way without one use materials too.

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