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Kavya Jain

As a budding designer, I strive to design user-centric products that tell a story and create experiences that go beyond problems. Design allows me to transform my thoughts into something tangible and resourceful. Therefore, I like to create simple yet meaningful products that aim to elevate everyday experiences.

Bridge - connecting the gap between a dependent existence and the desire to be independent.


Ageing is a natural phenomenon of life that every person experiences. Our body undergoes many transitions both physically and mentally as we grow old, and if not cared for correctly, it can make us more dependent. Bridge is a health monitoring device designed to motivate older people to monitor their vital signs at home with ease and regulate lifestyle changes to help them stay healthy and live independent life. Bridge allows the users to record and monitor their vital signs regularly to detect any changes in the body. It also reminds the user to take their medications and examine their vital signs on time. Bridge was designed with simple, bold and user-friendly forms and functions to cater to an older population . The main aim of the product is to bridge the gap between a dependent existence the desire to be independent.

Sensei - sense your surroundings


There are a growing number of people worldwide with visual impairment and limited products to support them. Day to day activities from moving around the house or navigating crowded, closed areas is challenging and inconvenient for visually impaired/blind people due to the lack of visual feedback.
Sensei is a range of tactile tapes where each tactile graphic depicts a particular room or a location in closes areas. The product intends to make interior spaces more accessible and inclusive for visually impaired/blind people. These tapes provide tactile feedback to the user, helping them sense their surroundings and navigate safely. They can be placed either on walls or floors, allowing the user to trail along with it. The tapes use vibrant contrasting colours to be easily detected by people with low vision and variant tactile graphics that can be understood by their sense of touch and white cane. The range aims to provide ease to unprepared parents who want to make their home a safe environment, to the elderly who struggle with visual impairment at a later stage of life and provide independence to the adults with vision impairments trying to lead a life with dignity.

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