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Keith Gaskell

My identity as a designer has largely developed over my four years at Nottingham Trent University. I started the course with a passion for art, design and architecture, and through the experieces and projects, this has been refined into a body of work that covers projects from packaging, furniture, homeware and lighting - always with a consideration of how my designs might help or impact the environment, I aim to create products that have integrity and improve life quality.

tiffyn - minor project


TIFFYN is a set of reusable containers made from vitreous enameled steel. The starting point for this project was looking at the growing takeaway industry, with more and more restaurants offering a takeout experience after the pandemic. I focused on the places that hadn’t been offering takeaways before, specifically fine-dining. I thought: why not create a set of containers that reduces plastic pollution but also allows the food to arrive from the restaurant in a package that better suits a high-end meal takeaway to essentially create an ‘at-home’ fine dining experience. I was inspired by the Dabbawalas of Mumbai who deliver hundreds of thousands of meals every day in Tiffin Tins and then collects them for reuse over and over. So I developed my concept/service that would help the consumer easily clean and repackage the product into the delivery bag to be posted back to the restaurant to receive back their deposit. Reducing plastic packaging was an aim for me, but I didn’t want to market the product as a ‘sustainable packaging’ alternative. I think highlighting the benefits of having nice bowls and plates to eat off is a better way of changing attitudes to packaging systems rather than just saying ‘plastic is bad’. Offering an appealing alternative was important.

The Angler lamp


The Angler lamp was inspired by three Scandinavian principles: Hygge, Lagom and Friluftsliv, (social ambience, outdoor living and minimalism). The aim was to create a lantern that had a function inside and outside the home. By pairing the portable lantern with a main lamp, the product is always serving a purpose, and always ready to be interacted with. Increasing the users engagement with the product helps to strengthen the attachment and the Angler lamp aims to be a product for life, built to last many.

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