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Kian Patel

I am a multi-disciplinary designer whose focus directs to critically analysing the consumers journey and creating solutions which fulfill a purpose for the future, as well as the present. Consequently, as a designer I believe that it is important to tackle the well-being of the user, through product design by creating solutions which have a positive impact on the users lifestyle.

Futex Home Trainer


Futex home trainer is an interactive fitness product which allows users to work out at home, with friends/others. The device allows the user to connect and cast onto a TV and project you and your friends through the camera on the screen. Allowing you to motivate your friends whilst working out, but from the comfort of your home. There are a range of HIIT workouts to choose from, which will then showcase a local personal trainer on the devices screen, offering guidance throughout the exercise session.

Enhance Lighting


Enhace Lighting is a portable, multi-functioning which students can use in their accommodation bedrooms to control the types of lighting in their room. The product is aimed to enhace the users mood through adjustable lighting methods offered, through the desk light and the wall light. The wall light uses LED lighting which can be controlled through your phone, and act as an ambient wall light. Whilst the desk light is operated by a dimmer to control lighting when working throughout the day.

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