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Kielan Edwards

I am an enthusiastic, charismatic designer with a vibrant imagination and avid devotion to health and fitness. I have an ecstatic appreciation for nature and the significance of sentimentality, and believe these are integral for the future of design.

Shopping Companion: Grocery shopping assistance for individuals with dietary restrictions


Food shopping can be a stressful experience, in particular for those who are inexperienced making food or shopping for those that have dietary restrictions. This discreet, easily transportable device aims to assist consumers during their grocery shopping via an array of functions such as; reciting shopping lists, adjusting ingredients lists for allergies or fat content, and recommending healthy meals that appease the customers personal preferences & necessities.
Healthy eating, such as the 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day recommended by the World Health Organization, is integral to human development. The effects of not satisfying these basic bodily requirements having the potential to be extremely detrimental to an individual, such as damaging brain function and increasing the chances of heart disease, bone disease and premature death. Over the last 2 decades, UK diets have barely improved and through my own research I found the prevalent reasons were a lack of education on healthy eating, and dietary restrictions preventing individuals from deviating from a restricted array of select meals. The shopping companion aims to assist individuals in both these aspects, helping those with restricted diets be more explorative with their meals and subliminally promoting healthier eating choices to all.

Hygienic High-Touch Point Solution for Commercial Gym Environments


Indoor fitness facilities are prime locations for the transmission of virus’ and bacteria. The Covid Pandemic emphasized this issue, resulting in the closure of 64% of the worlds fitness sites due to new hygiene expectations. This product aims to revolutionize how consumers interact with high-touch point equipment in commercial gyms for a more hygienic experience by preventing individuals coming in direct contact with any communal handles during their workout.

Individuals remove a pair of wraps from the dispenser upon entering the gym. They secure them on to the handles of the desired piece of equipment by placing one end of the wrap on to the handle and wrapping it around, following the integrated angle for optimal coverage. The wraps then self-secure using Velcro, completely covering the handle and preventing the individual touching it throughout use. Upon finishing with the equipment, they remove the wraps by separating the Velcro and unwrapping. They then proceed to use them for the duration of their session on each piece of equipment they desire to use. Upon completion, they are to return the wraps to the dispenser they retrieved it from, feeding the wraps in to the return slot. The dispenser features UV Lights and internal mechanics that run an antibacterial cycle to completely disinfect the used wraps and re-roll them in to a convenient pocket size bundle. This is then ejected in to the storage compartment below, ready for the next customer to use.

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