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Lauren Dyer

Inspired by the environment and with a nature-first philosophy, I endeavour to create clean, simple products that have a softness and a strong functionality. From my time working in industry, I learned how to design successful commercial furniture for the domestic mid-market, with a number of products going on sale with retailers across the UK. My design process is iterative and logical, with experimentation key to a final design. I particularly enjoy explorative sketching and investigating new materials that could change the way we design, manufacture, and interact with furniture.



Neap is a sustainable furniture range displaying an innovative seaweed-based material, Aligte, aiming to change the linear relationship with materials that we see in the industry today. Algite focuses on seasonality – coming in a spring, summer, and autumn edition each made of different seaweed species. This harvesting rotation allows the species to not only recover, but to prosper again, giving the project a real nature-first outlook.
The Neap range was created to showcase Algite, and to prove that seasonality can be considered throughout commercial furniture design. Material locality is an important factor contributing to the project’s sustainability credentials, with all materials used being local to the UK. Too often in this industry we see materials shipped all over the world just to be processed and shipped back again. Reducing that transport is just another way this project considers the environment.
Inspired by the marine habitat from which Algite originates, Neap celebrates the movement of the ocean combined with a clean silhouette and rounded softness. It is aimed at the higher end of the domestic furniture market, combining sustainability with high quality and with an underlying focus on tackling material exploitation and the environmental degradation that comes from this.

The Eska Range


A range to redefine what student furniture can be. The Eska Range focuses on aesthetics and sustainability aiming to provide the continuity and quality that many students felt was missing from their housing.
The range achieves sustainability through durability. Student furniture takes a lot of toll during its lifetime so it must be easy to repair and cope with constant daily use. That’s where Eska comes in. It has been designed with standard fittings that are easily replaceable from hardware stores and has a knock-down assembly making individual parts easy to replace. Aimed at the contract market, the competitive price point allows accommodation providers to buy in bulk and kit out a whole block. It helps to combat the small space living that is often offered to students by utilising dual functionality. The range is composed of a side table or stool, a coffee table or bench, a console table or desk and a clothes rail.
“The beauty of Eska is its logical simplicity. Both students and accommodation providers are considered at every stage without expense to the environment. It is a range that accommodation providers can be confident to buy, and students can be proud to use.”

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