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Lok Kan Ieong (Ashley)

As an international student, I have been influenced by different cultures to develop my views on art and design, hoping to create more possibilities. For me, design is a different kind of challenge, to challenge and improve the exiting and turning abstract concepts into real products. And so, sometimes I am more a explorer in design, rather than a designer.

Own Yoga


Own yoga is designed to support self-learning yoga at home safely and correctly for everyone. It's a design that integrates lighting and technology, with immersive experience to achieve a higher level of entertainment. The minimal and slim design gives an ornamental at home. Using organic plywood combinate with a unique aesthetic polyethylene mini projector (720p) to light up the whole design.

The device is connected with an app. The app is built-in with various yoga courses, work as a controller to the projector and helps to record the user’ yoga journey. It reflects on a 1:1 scale and allows the user to follow clearly. The user can follow the shadow of movement projected from the device to practice and learn yoga. And by comparing their own shadow and the projected shadow, the user is able to correct their posture. In addition, the lighting is supported in a different colour to enhance the user mood. The colour-changing light ideates the speed of breathing pace, and when to inhale and exhale. Own yoga promote users to enjoy the present moments without the needs of following the learning videos and focus on their posture at the same time.



This project aims to break through the stereotype image of souvenirs; tacky, cheap, and useless. The data shows that the significance of souvenirs is symbolling travel, also is to share the joy of travelling to family and friends. Macau is the focus of this project. Macau reflects a mix of cultural influences, Chinese and Portuguese. NiuNiu highlights the Macau intangible cultural heritage – manufacture of the incense stick, it was one of the most iconic traditional handcrafts. In addition, incense has a revival recently, thus, NiuNiu captures the unique country culture and the current popular element.

NiuNiu is a modern contemporary souvenir and gift for tourism and local - Incense gift set, containing an incense holder and incense sticks. NiuNiu presented 3 sensations of Macau in different packaging. The incense holders are inspired by the configuration of Macau streets and patterns of Portuguese azulejos, expressed in simple lines and shapes, and rich textures. The simple design not only fits for the modern trend, but also serves the local’s market. promotes to be a design gifting brand with rich cultural background.

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