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Lucy Glover

I am a highly motivated and passionate designer, driven by creating innovative solutions that will make a difference. I am driven by my ambition to positively contribute to solving real world problems with simple yet functional and inclusive designs.



Tactiles are a simple and intuitive system. The tactiles can be wall mounted in the classroom using the magnetic back strip with magnets embedded in the back of the tiles allowing seamless connection to the wall for the children. When a child removes a tile from the wall they replace it with their magnetic name tag which informs the teacher, helping to stimulate conversation, evoke emotions and ultimately create communication friendly environment within the classroom.

Each tile has been carefully designed to link with an emotion giving it texture and narrative, as sensory products have been proven to further stimulate communication. For example the tile that can be connected with ‘anger’ has the most interactive texture allowing the most pressure to be exerted. Every tile has been designed to have a calming effect so no matter whichever tile a child picks up will help have a positive effect on their emotions. Tactiles can work in 2 ways; they can be a silent communicator, as just the interaction of removing a tile from the wall indicates emotion to the teacher, but they can also be used as a talking point. Cards have been designed to pair with the tiles, emotion cards for a child to exert a particular emotion and conversation cards that encourage the tiles to be used as talking points. Supporting material for the teacher with advice on how these tiles can be used to better communication in their classroom.



UNA is a cooking kit designed to encourage adults and children to cook together, developing culinary skills and healthy eating habits for life. The fun and simple kit has been designed to create a seamless user experience for all and to put the fun back into cooking promoting healthy eating with kids.

The UNA kit is part of a simple reward system. After registering online, a starter kit containing two aprons (one adult size and one child size) a recipe card stand and a range of recipe cards split into levels is received. Adult and child can progress through the cards together slowly building up skills in the kitchen and producing new, delicious and most important of all healthy food. Working through the recipes earns proficiency badges for each skill achieved together, it’s easy to do just upload photos of the creation to the UNA website and in a few days, fun proficiency badges will be sent in the post to build the collection.

UNA is here to support adults and children with quick and easy recipes, that can ultimately help to create healthy eating habits and teach kitchen skills that will last a lifetime. Lets put the fun back in the cooking experience together with UNA!

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