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Lucy Thomson

Influenced by colour and shape and driven by research. I design furniture and products that challenge boundaries and enjoy designing with a strong narrative in mind. Most of my designs tackle social issues and are an innovative modern day solution for current matters.



LINKD is a contract seating solution that brings people together in public environments to encourage a sense of community. Its moveable layers allow the user to manipulate and tesellate the layers dependant on the space it is in. The modular design enables the seating solution to be used in a variety of spaces as each piece is ‘linked’ together.



COMPANI is a modern sleeping aid that provides a sense of comfort, closeness and companionship when in bed alone. It’s unique design supplies support, both physically and mentally, as not only does it provide a form to embrace but also acts as emotional support for those who struggle with loneliness. It is therefore perfect for students who may struggle with withdrawing from the social life of University.

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