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Lydia Foulkes

My time at university has enabled me to explore my various design interests, particularly surrounding consumer behaviour and how they interact with products in order to develop the user experience. Studying alongside rowing competitively has allowed the development of strong time management, communication and teamwork skills which has proven to be vital on numerous occasions.



During the covid-19 pandemic, cinemas closed and the need to recreate the cinema experience at home grew in popularity. YOUNITE is a set of 4 speakers, which together when placed around the room create immersive surround sound. The speakers connect use mobile phone Bluetooth to create the surround sound experience, reducing distractions and keeping focus on quality family time.



In the modern world, consumers are continuously evolving their understanding in relation to sustainability. This growing trend can be seen within the market of fashion and in the industry as a whole. The recent pandemic has made fashion organisations heavily dependant on its online services, which has resulted in an influx of wasted packaging such as plastics. Outside The Box is a packaging supplier whose sole purpose is to reduce waste by repurposing cardboard delivery boxes in to useful, everyday household items. The simple, yet effective design allows for up to 24% of material to be repurposed and thus reduces said materials being deposited into landfills whilst enhancing the customer experience with the brand and providing more to them for less.

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