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Maggy Gacheru

I am a Furniture and Product Design student experinced in the implementation of product development projects from start to finish, competently producing components and subcomponents or full-scale products that are made according to the customers requirements and meets professional and legal standards whilst taking a mindful approach of reducing cost,avoiding wasted materials and saving time when producing a variety of quality products.



Soma is a study box designed to hold learning supplies. It was designed to cater to children that are home educated, especially with alot of children learning from home due to the pandemic, Soma offers space for their stationery, books and electronic devices. As it is very lightweight, it can be moved from one room to another. and can also be placed on the floor or on the table.



SHOW is a sleek,stylish floor standing modular display shelf designed for museums exhibition and gallery environments. The shelf features a RHS steel frame and rectangular glass shelves that are height adjustable.

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