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Mateusz Gardasiewicz

I am a comprehenisve, creative, thoughtful designer with deep rooted belief that sustainability and human well - being are the key elements of good design. My unconventional approach, knowledge of materials and exploration of new procesess results in aestethically pleasing and astonishing forms.



COMFY challenges traditional upholstered lounge chairs, by reducing the amount of toxic polyurethane foam, and instead, using natural, woollen, thick felt as a backrest. The uniqueness of the product not only comes from chosen materials – felt, solid ash and plywood, but also from its approach to sustainability and human well - being.

COMFY is shipped as a component based flat pack, ready for self – assembly by the buyer. It enables the user to feel the natural, quality materials and connect with the piece on individual, yet unique level. It also creates a positive feeling of effectance after successful completion of task, therefore improving well – being. On the other hand, flat packing reduces the amount of harmful CO2 emissions, as it is possible to pack more products in the same volume during transportation. COMFY is constructed for disassembly, meaning that all components are replaceable and worn parts can be replaced, resulting in fewer waste being thrown out.

The low – set legs, carefully analyzed within ergonomic standards and wide armrests emphasize an honest design language in which all parts are visible. Smooth, comfortable shape, natural colors and quality materials invites the user to sit, relax and cut off from everyday life.


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