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Matthew Eisenhower

I am devoted individual with passion for all aspects of design. With design experience through a industry placement at Inside Out Contracts and through live briefs set at university by companies such as Nestle. Placement experience working on industry level projects and University experience in pitching designs to members of the design industry while creating industry level designs/renders.

Lutta Stool


This project was made to improve storage and efficiency in seating. The design features a leather pouch for storage that can be buttoned to any of the 3 sides depending on the orientation of the seat. The armrest features storage for a phone, a drink or a book and can orientated and used as a padded backrest when need. This makes the stool usable in a number of scenarios and a versatile piece of seating for any home.

Home Buddy


New technology has not been adopted by the elderly because it simply wasn’t designed for them, Home Buddy aims to fix this by bringing new independence to the generation that technology forgot. Home Buddy is a simple technology device for an older demographic made using a mix of analogue / digital inputs and a refined OS to make interaction as easy as possible.

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