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Max Palmberg

I am an individual with a strong passion for creating, a keen maker of all things physical and digital taking every opportunity to immerse myself expanding my scope and skill set. My non-traditional thinking methods and love for hands on experimentation combined with deep passion to evoke change through design make me an integral part of any team.



Wildfires burn an average of 9 million acres of wilderness burn each year across the western U.S. 90% of these fires are caused by humans.

Mutu is a tent inspired portable/packable fire “ring” which aims to help backpackers enjoy campfires as safely as possible reducing risk of wildfire. The fireproof device is carried on the users backpack to the desired destination. It is then unpacked, assembled, and staked down. The fire is then built inside allowing protection from wind and catching any flying embers. When the user is finished the door flap fixed in its closed position killing the fire and any leftover embers.

The product is user centered and focus groups of backpackers and US Forest service fire workers were worked closely with through the project. The name Mutu is derived from the mutual responsibility the brand hopes to pass down to users. Mutu aims to promote community investment in the wildfire space through education and visibility both on trails and online.



Rita’s a lamp designed to help the remote worker build a sense of structure and routine into their day. Rita is inspired by the many who made the shift to WFH during the COVID-19 Pandemic losing their daily workday routines. To turn Rita on and start the workday the user must complete a 3 step hands on assembly, to switch it off at the end of the day the user simply disassembles the lamp. The aim is to create a new morning ritual to act as a foundation to help users gain a sense of control over their workday building new healthy routines when working from home.

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