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Megan Gillon

Hello, I’m Megan, an innovative, independent and detail-oriented designer with a passion for creating fun products with purpose. I love to bring designs from sketch to reality using 3D cad and rendering software’s, and thrive when ideating possibilities for a brief. I take a keen interest in researching consumer insights to keep on top of trends and implement these within my portfolio of work.



Refresh is a brand that encourages minimalism within the morning routine, designed for the sustainably conscious Generation Z. Converting their interest in refillable solutions into a bathroom equivalent. Inspired by the growing trend of refillable solutions in all market areas, Refresh aims to tackle the increasing problem of single use plastic in the personal care industry.

The vessels designed feature an auto dose stopper mechanism, which provide the user with a measured amount of product in each use, encouraging minimal waste. The bottles are available in a range of three sizes, based on feedback of how often each product is used. However, the user would be able to mix and match the bottle sizes depending on their personal needs.

Once refilled the user can return their pouches with a free post label, to be refilled and sent out again, ensuring that circularity is executed within all aspects of the product. Available in a selection of scents, with strong branding and illustrations to entice the consumer to repeat their purchases, and adding fun extras to ensure that the brand is well received by the demographic.



Element is a lifestyle brand developed with the ethos of ritual and well-being. Initial research into consumer insights showed fear as a key driver for future consumers. Element is a lifestyle brand which aims to tackle the growing anxieties of consumers, providing homeware that creates a safe space and utilising the senses with the healing effects of essential oils.

The stone diffuser allows the user to release the scent of essential oils into their home, through a conical drip into a natural stone base. As the solution slowly drips into the base, scent is released into the room. The ritualism of preparing the diffuser gives the user a moment to care for themselves. This relaxing feeling creates a positive association to the scent of the essential oils.

The element pendant is a classic jewellery piece which utilises the science of scent association to deliver the effects of aromatherapy while on the go. The simplistic design of the brass magnet casing holds the molten rock in place. As the stone absorbs the essential oil, the scent can be carried on either a pendant chain, or kept within a pocket, wallet or within luggage, ensuring the user is always in their element

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