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Michael Wenban

Immersed in a multitude of design disciplines, I am a Product designer who is passionate about finding real world solutions in areas which often receive little scrutiny from designers. Throughout my process it is my goal to look past common misconceptions found in available products and redesign with the user at the forefront of the process. This helps to develop alternative perspectives, and offer unique solutions through design.



My project outcome ‘InForm’ has been carefully designed to provide an alternative to the restrictive designs currently seen in school furniture. The saddle shaped, foam seat reduces distractions by promoting comfort and posture variability in the classroom. The seat is lightweight, cleans well and is replaceable without the need to buy a new stool if the foam is damaged. The frames stack with one another, with the seats triangular form allowing for tessellation, easy storage and bulk delivery.



Re-bus was developed as an indication to the potential public transport has when redesigned with passenger needs in mind. A combination of a learning app and an interior redesign of urban buses tailors journeys to cater to the needs of modern passengers. The layout has been developed to optimise accessability and space for people of all walks of life.

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