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Molly Haslam

Having always been a creative person, from Art, Textiles to Design, Furniture design was the most fitting path for me. I have always had a keen eye for detail and a creative flair which has made my designs new and unique. Creating contemporary, luxury and bespoke solutions is something that I have grown really passionate about as I can let my imagination run wild. Therefore, just like my Final year projects I hope to keep creating the new and exciting.

Dianthus, Marquetry Floral Artwork to portray Wealth.


Dianthus, a high-end luxury bespoke cabinet created to be situated within people’s hallways to portrays ones wealth. With its unique curves and rounded design Dianthus is displaying wealth on all angles when entrancing our homes, making it the ultimate show stopping design. Not only is this creation a decorative piece it also functions as a cabinet for a home, with large shelves and space inside. Made from thousands of individual marquetry pieces Dianthus, is an art piece for the wealthy. Marquetry is an old traditional craft lost with new modern designs and concepts but using advances in technology and materials creating bespoke patterns such as this could bring this timeless craft back into the 21st century. Creating this design was weeks’ worth of work creating each individual piece of the puzzle and hand selecting the veneer swatches for the floral print. However, the attention to each individual part is what makes this design not only a symbol of the owner wealth but also rich in attention and hard labour that has gone into creating Dianthus.

Harmony, to bring peace back into our workspaces.


Harmony, Covid 19 has brought many new hardships to our lives and one of the largest impacts for many people not just emotionally but physically was the task of moving to work at home. Our home and places of work have always been very separate concept, many individuals if not all don’t have a space except the kitchen table to complete the odd couple of hours every so often but, with many making the permanent move furniture had to change. Harmony is a chair and desk small compact solution created on the sole foundation of trying to save as much space as possible within our homes. With the concept of saving space the design also has a secondary function breaking it away from the average desk and chair, the chair can be turned around face outwards creating a simple side seating and side table. This creative design is compact designed to hide and fit into all those nooks and tight spaces within our homes. However, with the addition of contrasting colours and soft curves this design was created to portray a softer and more positive feeling as adding an office space to our homes can be a daunting and sad day but, finding the right set up can bring harmony back to our homes.

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