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Nigel Zizhou

From a young age I have always been deeply interested in people, their behaviour patterns, the rational and irrational choices they make and how they interact with products and people. This curiosity has lead me to study Product & Furniture Design, allowing me to further enquire further into how this knowledge of people can be used to influence ethical good design decisions and how it can be abused.

HC Bench


Hempcrete is an emerging material in the construction industry that seeks to reduce the impact that concrete has on the environment. The HC Bench seeks to explore how hempcrete can be introduced into the furniture and product design world. More than just furniture, the HC Bench is a design inspiration piece with an aim to spark curiosity, creativity and conversation around hempcrete. It is also a campaign, a call for the design world to prioritise sustainability when making design decisions.

CB Bench


Inspired by Cobbler`s work bench, CB Bench features a simple, light-weight design that retains the functionality of the work bench whilst simultaneously updating the aesthetics. Designed to be part of VG&P`s furniture collection, the CB Bench also takes inspiration from VG&P`s classic Canteen Utility Chair, featuring a precision bent tubular steel frame seamlessly merged to a 16mm thick plywood board.
This comfortable yet robust bench is upholstered in beautiful Sorensen Ultra leather.

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