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Nils Berring

I am an enthusiastic designer, with an interest in consumer products that help people’s everyday lives. The thought of someone benefiting from a product I have designed excites me hugely.

Self Help Shelf


A shelf designed to combat the negative mental health effects that result from homeworking. In March 2020 the country went into lockdown restrictions, limiting the population's movement. This meant the workforce had to start working from home. The isolation, blurring of work/life balance and fear of job security resulted in extreme stress and fatigue. A way of combatting this is by interacting with plants. This can cause people to have improved self-esteem, confidence, concentration and routine.

X Block


An aluminium extruded knife block/kitchen utensil storage unit. Aimed for experienced/advanced home chefs, it was designed to follow a professional kitchen's aesthetic. The block makes use of bamboo rods, which fill the cavities. These rods securely hold up the blades or any other utensil placed inside.

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