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Oliver Morley

At NTU I have spent the last four years studying hard trying to become a great designer, and after completing an internship with Pearson Lloyd, I have honed what I do best - creating amazing and thoughtful interactions with the products and environments around us to be able to help people enjoy the ‘little things’ and create beautiful spaces.
I hope you enjoy my final year work, please do get in touch.

WFH Desk


The inspiration behind the project was due to the changing nature of the home environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. The WFH Desk deals with the issue of separating our home and work life through a physical act of transformation. By opening and closing the tambour doors and pulling out the desk, it creates a ritual to identify the time and create the space needed for you to work productively.

This desk is perfect for the occasional remote worker, who needs a beautiful space to work in on the days they work from home. The materials used have a soft aesthetic to naturally blend in with the home decor, the recycled plastic and wool textiles that wrap the product give a refined, comfortable finish that will dampen sound and create a beautiful object to display within your home.

The desks surfaces are adhered with natural linoleum made from linseed oil that gives the design multiple colour pathways to choose from to create and fit in with any style. The desk's light ash body and natural materials create a unique and pleasing contemporary design perfect for a modern home.



Orbi is a physically interactive desk light that allows you to take control of your spaces. The rotating hood changes the direction of the light and switches the colour temperature with one easy and fun interaction. Orbi is perfect for those dynamically changing spaces, where lighting is everything, allowing you to create the light that you need to focus and relax wherever you are.

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