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Oliver Osborn

After completing my dissertation and researching into the current unsustainable linear economy, my focus as a young designer has shifted towards designing for the circular economy. My aim is to design for recovery, keeping materials in use at their highest value and designing solutions that contribute to a regenerative system. Outside of my work I enjoy playing hockey to keep myself physically fit and taking long country walks to keep my mind fresh and process my thoughts.



Doru is a luxury serving tray for those looking to host a night to remember. Made from high quality timber Doru expresses opulence through its ergonomic handles and burr veneer. Designed to be made using the latest 5-axis CNC technology, Doru combines modern day processes with aesthetics inspired from the origin of trays. Royalty used to be served food on silver trays after it had been tasted by a servant to ensure it was not poisoned. This is the level of care and consideration I hope to be reflected within my design. For those who have royalty in their heritage, who admire intricate design details and for those who like to decorate their homes and show off their wealth, Doru is the tray for you.



Wabi-Sabi is a coffee table designed to be fed back into the aluminium value chain after its end of life. As a material aluminium is 100% recyclable, allowing it to be used again at just 5% of the original energy consumption used to extract it raw from the earth. The design is efficient in its production, made from one 1500x1000 sheet of 2mm aluminium. A cleverly designed folding jig is the key to keeping lead times low, as the sheet material only has to be folded into place. Available in a range of finishes, Wabi-Sabi can be used in a variety of interiors and exteriors. Aluminium naturally produces an oxide layer that resists rusting, making it an ideal solution for garden furniture.

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