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Oliver Saunders

I am a multi-disciplined designer that enjoys working closely with a specific user group to better understand their needs on an emotional and physical level. As a designer, my goal is to create products that help make life easier and more efficient whilst keeping in mind the sustainability of the designs I come up with.



The "Ease" is a tilting kettle designed for the older generations which are aged 65 and over. These users will also have some degree of reduced strength in their arms and hands making it hard to life certain objects and making it difficult to gip thing tightly. This contemporary yet modern style kettle aims to make the kitchen environment safer for the desired user and for any other potential users at risk. This product does this by removing the need to carry boiling water around the kitchen or having to lift a heavy kettle up after it has boiled. This is a danger to the user as they may struggle to safely lift a boiling kettle resulting in them dropping it on themselves. So, to remove this the tilting feature has been incorporated as well as designing the spout to create a more controlled and continuous pour. The larger handle design also makes fill it up much easier as it allows the user to pick the kettle up with both hands. This reduced the strain on the user and therefore reduces the chance of dropping the kettle on themselves.



The "Divide" is a product designed for millennials that are working from home and have a busy, distracting home environment. The products goal is to create a positive balance between the users work life and home life to give the user a healthier lifestyle. This will also reduce the impact juggling these two aspects of life can have on both your physical and mental health. These four discs notify the users family when they cannot disturb the user as well as letting the user know when it's time to take a break from work. The discs have indicators such as light and vibrations to carry out these notifications. By designing the product with four detachable discs it allows the product to cover the main social areas in the home . Further more, each disc has a hook that can be pulled out of the main body allowing it to be hooked over a door or table edge. This will be useful if the user doesn't work in a study as they can hang it on the door of the room they are in to let their family know if they are okay to enter or if they should stay out.

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