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Oliver Williams

I love all the world of user centred design, that creating a better world to live in, by meeting the
needs of the people, to improve upon their lives and the everyday experience. My focus is on world
problems. With a passion for making sustainable living of more convenience and of a higher priority
in people’s lives, using design to create the opportunity for more people to get involved in their day
to day.



INTO is where convenience meets refill shopping. A food container which aims to improve the user
experience when shopping at a refill food store. Enabling people to reduce their single-use plastic
consumption by allowing them to shop for pasta, rice, oats and a range of goods in a refill food shop.
The container is collapsible making it easy to transport and store when shopping or at home.



SOILLESS is a simple urban way for people to grow food in a city. Designed to tackle food scarcity and
feeding the growing population of 10 billion by 2050. Young people today lack the time, space and
knowledge to grow basic foods such as salad and herbs. The soilless grow kit enables people to grow
food from their apartments, with no garden needed just a sunny windowsill and curiosity to grow.

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