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Patricia Aburruzaga Estero

Hola! I'm Patricia and I am a desinger, I was born in Cádiz, a little city in the south of Spain. For me, design is a form of self-expression and a way to make little changes in the world we live in. My favourite part from the design process is always ideation and one of the areas I enjoy the most in design is branding since it can change completely the way the user looks at a product. Apart from design, some of my hobbies are drawing and illustration and going to escape rooms.

Yoü Skincare


Yoü is a skincare brand for acne-prone skin with a friendly approach. Acne products tend to have a medical look, often making users feel bad about themselves. The branding helps the user feel better about their looks and their skin.

There are four products in total which makes an easy to follow everyday routine.

The packaging is also made out of sustainable and easy to recycle materials, such as glass, aluminium and cardboard.



Bloody is a period underwear brand, the concept behind it was to help the trans and non-binary community to deal better with periods, having a gender-neutral and fun product that can suit everyone who menstruates.
The garment has an extractable pad that you can replace or take out to use the underwear on it’s own. It also comes in 10 different colour and pattern options. The pads also come in three sizes to choose from which can be bought separately or in bundles from the bloody website.
The brand also has an awareness campaigning angle on social media which tackles topics like periods and gender issues.

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