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Pooja Bhagat

A creative design enthusiast, with a passion for creating purposeful and innovative design solutions. A contentious and determined individual who has the ability to work well within a team, as well as strives to achieve her best potential, whilst working independently. With a particular interest in user-centred design, purpose and impact - these key elements drive the designers design decisions and overall ethos. With the hope they are able to benefit the vulnerable or less able in a positive and purposeful way, they enjoy creating and innovating through sketching, prototyping and visualising through adobe suite packages.

DANDI - Autism Child Development Set


Autism is a large spectrum disorder which refers to a range of serve to mild developmental and behavioural challenges. Extensive research allowed the birth of Dandi - child development set. Comprising of three parts, Dandi aims to target the key challenges Autistic children face with social interaction, social communication and their cognitive flexibility. These challenges refer to the difficulties individuals face with engaging with new objects and social environments outside the parameters of their comfort zone. In addition, the key challenges convey the difficulty that Autistic children face with self-expression and finding the right words to communicate and articulate how they feel, along with the difficulty of embracing new routines and ways to adapt and learn.

The three part set features communication blocks, expression cards and a comfort toy aiming to improve communication and learning in a fun and non-invasive way. The blocks have been designed to aid self expression and emotion, whilst the communication cards help the parent to articulate new activities, ways of learning and types emotions the child is trying to express. Finally, the comfort toy aims to reassure Autistic children when they start to feel overwhelmed and uneasy through touching on sensory textures and feeling.

Adapt - Redefining Ability


Arthritis affects 1 in every 6 people. However, a limited amount of viable production solutions are available on the market, that offers support for dexterity changes - this allowed Adapt - supportive aids to be evolved. A concept which aims to redefine ability, by promoting capabilities through innovation, in turn making anyone feel able. The products have been design incorporating a contemporary approach to modernise supportive aids for a new generation. Each handle has been designed with the key challenges Arthritis sufferers face including; limited wrist mobility, restrictive thumbs and distortion of hands.

The bespoke service allows individuals to invest in the right product and tooling for their desired requirements. The Adapt service allows Arthritis sufferers to try a range of kitchen knife handles designed specifically around adaptability, stability and support. The service allows a home consultation, which eliminates the fear of commitment to purchase before investing in a bespoke solution. The concept further allows personalisation through allowing consumers to pick the colour of the handle, blade of the knife along with the requirement of hand measurements to allow bespoke tailoring to you - ensuring maximum compatibility and comfort, where the handles are then specifically manufactured and sent home to you.

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